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Managing Finances Online?—Have You Put These Benefits to Work?


Managing your financial accounts online is convenient, time-saving, flexible, and secure. Mission FCU offers online and mobile services that can help you keep close track of your accounts and transactions, pay bills easily, and manage your money on the go. These services are also free for members. Let’s take a brief look at the benefits.

Manage Your Mission Fed Accounts Online 24/7.

Signing up for Mission Fed’s Online Banking enables you to do many financial management tasks from your computer. These include keeping track of account balances, making transfers of funds, and paying bills. E-alerts you set can notify you when funds drop below a certain balance or when a payment due.

Online services also include online bill pay. Paying regular bills online—such as utilities, credit cards, auto loans, and mortgages—can save paper, stamps and time and it’s convenient. Set up automatic payments and/or e-alerts so you never miss a due date again. Read more about Mission Fed online services. If you have credit card accounts from the credit union or other institutions, signing up to manage and pay these online is also smart.

Use Mobile Services for Access on the Go

Do you have an Internet-enabled smart phone, tablet computer or other mobile device? Then check out the mobile banking services available from Mission Fed. You can access and manage your accounts via the Web, mobile Apps or text. Even if you don’t have a smart phone, you can perform certain account management functions via text. Check out the variety of tasks Mission Fed’s mobile services helps you do.

Benefits of Online Financial Services

  • Manage your accounts 24/7
  • Mobile services provide access on the go.
  • Enhance security by using online and mobile services

Tip: If you use a debit card (check card) for most purchases, online and mobile applications and e-alerts can help you keep track of available balances and transactions so that you don’t overdraw your account. But remember, that the available balance may not reflect pending transactions that have not posted from merchants. So it’s always a good idea, to jot down expenditures until they post.

Enhance Security by Using Online and Mobile Services for Your Finances

A major reason consumers give for not using online and mobile account services is lack of trust. But the numbers show overall that using digital services are more secure than using traditional “paper” means such as receiving statements in the mail and paying bills by check. Statistics show that most thieves still access personal and financial information via paper trails and records.

Mission Fed uses the sophisticated encryption technology to protect online and mobile transactions. However, you and I as users of these services must also do our part. That means:

  • Install a firewall and antivirus software on computers and keep these programs up-to-date.
  • Never access your online or mobile financial management services over a public wireless network. If you are out enjoying your favorite cafe grande, say, then use the mobile services on your smart phone or tablet computer. Providers of wireless phone and data services (such as major telecommunications companies) also provide encryption and other security protocols on their services.
  • Keep a regular eye or your accounts. Check three or four times a week or even daily. Report any transactions you didn’t make or other problems immediately.
  • Never click on a link in an email that appears to come from the credit union or other financial institution. Even if you signed up for e-alerts, don’t click on a link. Access your account(s) by closing the email and going independently to the website or service of the financial institution.

Enjoy the Pleasures of Online and Mobile Financial Management

Do you know what I like best about online and mobile services? They simplify my life! Wherever I am—and I’m on the road a lot—I can safely access and manage my accounts, pay my bills on time, and do it whenever I have a spare moment whether that’s midnight or dawn. Checking my accounts on line and getting e-statements has also helped me spot a couple of problems (such as a stolen credit card number) long before a paper statement would have arrived or caught up with me. So go right now and check out the services Mission Fed offers. If you have more questions, call them (800-500-6328). Real people will be glad to talk with you. That’s another benefit of being a credit union member!

Originally published: June 2012 

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